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Boards & Commissions

Fulton Township Board of Supervisors


(From Left)  H. Thomas Kirk (Member), Scott N. Osborne (Chairman), Michael M. Church (Vice-Chairman), and Amanda L. Olenick (Secretary-Treasurer)

Chairman:                           Scott N. Osborne

Vice Chairman:                  Michael M. Church

Member:                              H. Thomas Kirk

Secretary/Treasurer:        Amanda L. Olenick

Fulton Township Planning Commission

From left:  Steve Roten (Secretary), Wynn Robinson, Gary Kennedy, Roy Falcone (Chairman)Missing:  Benuel Esh

Chairman:                         Gary Kennedy

Member:                            Jimmy Gordon

Member:                            Roy Falcone

Member:                            Benuel Esh

Secretary:                         Steve Roten

Fulton Township Zoning Hearing Board


From left: Raleigh Osborne (Member), James S.. Huber (Secretary), John W. Weaver (Chairman), & Thomas Goodman (Solicitor, Goodman & Kenneff)      

Chairman:                       Raleigh Osborne

Secretary:                          James S. Huber

Member:                            Wynn Robinson

Solicitor:                            Jason Hess: Morgan,                                          Hallgren, Crosswell & Kane, P.C.s

Alternate:                          Mark Dull

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